(An Electrified Fairy Tale)
This is an electrified fairy tale. If you've never heard of an electrified
fairy tale, just picture little fairies with wee tiny electric guitars.

Once upon a time [not long ago] in a land not far from here, there was a place
called Harmony. Everyone in Harmony was happy and this joie devivre was
guarded by their invisible patron, the muse Singring. But jealous forces, and
there are always jealous forces in such tales, have conspired to capture the
spirit, imprisoning it in [an instrument of glass, locking it in] a chest with
four keys, and casting the keys to the four corners of the earth so that only
four particularly brave and talented individuals might retrieve them. It is
here that our story begins.

There's a rumor I heard that's going 'round town
Someone's captured Singring, Singring
Come hear the news, come hurry on down
Down to the old town square
The announcer wipes at his eyes, he's trying to hide
See it in his face, tell by his expression

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