Space cowboy:
Breakerbreakerbreakerthis is the space cowboy out here
And I am four light years away from the planet saturn.
Anybody out there got your ears on?
Why don’t you tell me about it?

Jupiter moon:
Hello [...] space cowboy. this is jupiter moon talking at you
From mulitoid space. got some folks over here on your back door.
No one over here at your front door. looks like we got us a
Cosmic convoy.

Space cowboy:
Ahtell me something nowwe got that jupiter probe out there

Jupiter moon:
Yeah[...] right behind youfollowing you.

Space cowboy:
Well tell me somethinggot any word on mr. spock out there?
Is he looking around for us?

Jupiter moon:
Ahword I get is you better slow down a little bit. I know
He’s pushing 19 g’s right nowand I think that’s a little
Above the limit.

Space cowboy:
YeahI knowI knowI’m rigged upbut I thought I could
Make up a little time here. I lost so much time coming around
The sun.

Jupiter moon:
Yeah I knowscooby doo for me toosun spots [...]
Okspace cowboy [...]

Space cowboy:
[...] and I’m putting the hammer down. it’s been fun running
With you. we’ll see you next century.

Jupiter moon:

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