You picked up the phone after the seventh ring
Even if I don't say my name
You know with just my voice

The melody that naturally pours out from the lips
But I feel the most happiness when I'm lost with words

Even on days that something bad has happened
If I see you, everything blows away
I can't see you on my rainy days
If I hear your voice, the sun will shine automatically

It's Automatic
Just being by your side
Just being watched you those eyes
My heart won't stop pounding
I can't say No
I just can't help

It's automatic
If you hold me,
I feel like I'm in paradise with you
Shining brightly
When I close my eyes, soon
I feel so good It's automatic

The uncertain actions
Still make me worried
I'll keep the fact that I've fallen for you
From you just a little longer

The days that even your kindness made it hard
You always said the truth
I can't cry alone on rainy days
If I touch my ring, see, the sun will shine

It's automatic
Just being by your side
Makes my body burn
I can't hide the excitement
I can't even breathe
I just can't help

It's automatic
If I access
In the dim computer screen
When I touch the
The blinking words
I feel so warm

It's automatic
Just being by your side
I don't cherish you
I need you, not because I'm lonely
I just need you

It's automatic

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