Hello everyboby, huh
Welcome today to the wonderful world of...you he-heh
Now check it, you have two options
You can eat it or throw it away, heh

See it's ashame when you're working on doing well
People hate you yeah
Buying nothing that's not the best for yourself
Then they really hate you yeah
You gotta live for you and no one else
Don't let 'em make you feel
Like you're not being real
Just live how you wanna live
You gotta do for u

(dig that)
If you work hard then play hard
(dig that)
And do what u wanna do
(dig that)
Just pop ya collar
Don't let what people say bother u
(dig that)
U can eat it or throw it away
(picture that)
You're just mad cause you're following in my trap
But can you dig that?

Hey ladies and my fellas
You know you're doing cause they jealous
(pop, pop)
And what they hate cause you're a go-getter
Pop ya collar, don't let'em sweat you

U can see me every week
Hanging out with a different girl sitting next to me
Cause I'm not up to settle down right now
(I gotta be free)
Some of y'all fellas might be jealous
But y'all know that don't phase me
I just me back on the ones that hated me

(dig that)
Never going home alone
(dig that)
If she follows then you know it's on
(dig that)
She get's the finger on the cellular phone
(never that)
I let her know I won't be around for long
(dig that)
To all you hater I got something to say
You can eat it or throw it away
(what's that)

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