[P. Diddy]
Check this out, yeah, yeah
All my niggas take a walk with me
You ain't gotta holla - you can talk with me
Just try to learn where my thoughts can be
And how I stack figures
Learn why I'm real - still that nigga
I get money I ain't gotta do a crime
Shit I hit dimes - what I need with a nine
Before y'all judge me - be clear
We got nothing but heat here, beware WE HERE
What's my name, got chicks twisted like
What's my game?
Pimp things still the same
I smash it, I don't harass it
Ma' I'm a baller I score and pass it
Feel me, still be filthy
If making hits is a crime, I plead guilty
And this is what we came do
Party, Diddy, Usher - game is through, come on

It's right around eleven o'clock
One of your girls just called
Asked you how you look, are you ready?
You tell her you look hot
Not to worry at all
Niggas will be shook - y'all doin' it heavy
She;s telling you she might change
But you tell her not to
She know that she looks stunning
It'll be fine
The club will be full of game
But none of that has got'chu
Me - I think you're running
Cause I'm the one

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