She told the story
I listened with my eyes closed
So sad but so true
She whispered softly
I asked her why she did so
She knew that I knew
She was a skater
The ice was her second home
The country’s finest
Everyone could see
She had a plan
To break across the border
Instead of waiting for
The powers that be

Cry freedomsweet freedom
Tell the whole world
To get ready
Cry freedomsweet freedom
Tell the whole world
That we’re ready

She said goodnight
But just as I was leaving
A black car came into view
And waiting there
They could hear me breathing
They knew that I knewcry freedom

Insane questions
They asked me what did I know
So strangethey let me go
But more they try
The stronger our love grows
I know that I knowcry freedom

Cry freedomsweet freedom ...

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