Better drunk than sober
Better than anyone
Better young than younger
Better off being alone
Better thick than clever
Better having an iron chin
Better bruised than battered
Better than anything

Not so nice to be picked on
Not so nice to be the butt of jokes
Not so nice to be spat on
Not so nice to be a human hoax
Not so nice to be beaten
Not so nice to sleep outside
Not so nice to be eaten
Not so nice to be eating inside

Its allright to be lonely
Its allright to shed some tears
Its allright to be vacant
Its allright to make true your fears
Its allright to make fun of others who are
better off than you,
Its allright to come with me together
we can make it through

Its allright, its not right
I know you feel like you want to die

Good luck
Good night
Good bye

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