When the Alabama's crew was laid
Roll Alabama Roll
They were laid on the day that they got paid
Oh roll, Alabama Roll
They were laid in the town of Maidenhead
They were laid in the house of Madame Laird
At the Bull and Boar they downed their swill
At the Grey Mare they got drunker still
Down the cobbled streets they staggered forth
To Madame Laird's to prove their worth
Her girls lay waiting night and day
To collect their share of prize money
There many a sailor saw his doom
When he entered Miss Eliza's room
She challanged him to a roll and lay
The pride of the floored and the soused navy
It was then they found to their dismay
One shot too many took the urge away
At the three buckle limit in '64
The Alabama rose no more.
filename[ ALABCREW

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