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Ace's And 8's
Aces & 8's
Baby Don't Cry
Better Days
Detroit To Texas
Drift Away
Drift Away (с аккордами)
Follow Me
Follow Me (Ver 8) (с аккордами)
Follow Me Live (с аккордами)
I Do
I Don't Know
I Dont Know (с аккордами)
I Wish I Had A Dollar
In A Little While
In A Little While (с аккордами)
Keep It Comin'
Letter To My Daughters
Memphis Soul Song (с аккордами)
Memphis Soul Song
No Stranger To Shame
Steaks 'n Shrimp
Steaks And Shrimp
Steaks Shrimp
Thunderhead Hawkins
Time After Time (с аккордами)
To Think I Used To Love You (с аккордами)
To Think I Used To Love You
What u Lookin' At?
What'chu Lookin' at
Whiskey & Water
Whiskey And Water
Whiskey Water
Who's Your Uncle
Yea, Yea, Yea
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
You Can't Take me