Paparazzi, can't make the man.
Paparazzi, can't break the man.

Next to the transit lounge
see the Paparazzi tears.
No-one came today
from Boston or Tangiers.
faceless trippers trip,
loaded with duty free
held in white knuckle grip.

steal a camel for a day.
the news is running late tonight.

Be-decked with Nikon necklaces
hear the Paparazzi cries.
Under their noses walk
the famous in disguise.
Conspicuously huddled there
but no-one stops to look.
They've got their crayons out
to colour in the book.

steal a camel for a day.
Paparazzi won't be home tonight.

break it.
'cos it's a story.

Now someone's cut the lines
communication's down.
All photo film is fogged.
Celebrities surround
and jab their fingers at me.
They kiss but I can't tell.
Even poor Paparazzi
must have privacy as well.

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