Rain, rain, rain,
it's raining cats and dogs every day, every night
I'm drowning in my tears when you're not by my side
sail with me across the sea, tonight

I feel it in mv heart, in my soul, in my brain
the fear of loosing you nearly drives me insane,
just with you, I wanna stay with you my whole life through
it's raining cats and dogs

Why do you cry ...
why do you cry ...

I can't stand the rain


Boom, boom goes my heart
every time I see you, right from the start
I got a crush on you, I fell in love with you
I wanna feel you, wanna see you and your point of view

Up, up and away
Come on you can afford a holyday
we gonna make it, gonna shake it and we'll do it right
come on let's take this flight tonight


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