Oh give it
Be my sweet lady sweet lady
Oh I want you to be my lady lady
Oh babe
Sweet lady
Would you be my
Sweet love for a lifetime
I'll be there when you need me
Just call and receive me
Now any other day I would play it cool
But I can't now cuz I want you
See I'm hooked on how you flex your style
And I wanna talk for a little while
I never really seen your type
But I must admit that I kinda like
So maybe if you have the time
We can talk about you and I
(Repeat CHORUS 2 x's)
Now on the regular I would waste time
But I don't want to cuz you're so damn fine
And I heard that you were taken
That don't have to stop you from makin'
Late night phone calls on the telephone
About your fantasies and how to get it on
When you need me I will be there for you
My Sweet Lady
Repeat CHORUS (2 x's)
Say you will be my baby
Say you will be my lady
I've got to have all your love
So I won't even front
Just say you'll give it to me
I don't wanna hear the maybe's
And I will give you all my heart
If you say you'll be my sweet lady
Repeat CHORUS until fade

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