I wanna be batman cuz everybody really ain't shit to me
My super hero picture me if I was, batman
Studios and shows
Utility belt with a compartment for the pre-rolled
Smokin' bat blood off in the bat cave
Jamie Madrox, (and violent jay)
Gotham really don't look shit like detroit
But I think these muthafuckas get the point
Listen, word on the street
About the archon break
Scarecrow, poison ivy, catwoman, two face
All trying to kill me before the nightfall
But I got a bat suprise for each one of yall
Scarecrow tryin front me when I'm up in lakeside
Flash the bat-a-rang, watch a bitch nigga hide

Hold up
I don't know what the fuck you talkin' about
You ain't batman, fuck you
I'm batman

I remember once
I met this muthafucka in the flea market
He was sellin' 8-10's with his autograph on em
I got the gloves
The belt
The boots
Lemme walk in the closet for second
I got a bat dick
Help! Help!
You wanna see my dick bitch?

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