Whatcha gon' do when we come for you?
It's a stick up
Put yo hands up
Tell me whatcha gon' do when we come for you?
It's a stick up
Put yo hands up
We came for them, now they comin' for us
Whatcha gon' do when yo time is up?
We was unprepared for this lickin' plus
We been on the run from dawn to dust
Wrong nigga, wrong place, wrong car, wrong time
Guess I was greedy, shoulda kept the shine
But it ain't nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Fuck it, ain't givin' up nigga it's ride or die
Holdin' the Feds at gun point with no getaway place
You keep talkin', I'ma burn both of y'all and get away myself
Shinin' them lights on us, and them streets gettin' narrow
Nigga the path I chose got exposed by yo ass
Either get the ?? plenty ice and more cash
Tell 'em to lose the choppers, and if they don't we pop 'em
See all them cars behind 'em, shit I'm itchin' to stop 'em
My adrenaline's rushin', these bitches done ??
Robert Taylor raised me, nigga the hood got me scarred
And we done showed our asses like Mr. Billy
Man here they come!!
I'm finna exit on 51st so we can get loose in a buildin'
Back seat full of yay and the PIG's right off on our ass
They was supposed to escort dude but shit the bank we done hit
Man it's the only chance we got to bust shots at them hoes
Hand out the first meal so maybe the rest'll fold
Grab the wheel muthafucka so I can aim at the van
By you bein' too greedy, this shit still all a dream
Now I could see if it wasn't no choppers nigga we might can escape
Tell 'em what we want
Now you need to slow it down
We gettin' the whole ? surrounded
Got the choppers and everything
What is it? I mean you guys can talk - c'mon let's negotiate
You guys are goin' down, I mean what is it you guys want?
Man I'ma give you a list of 20 muthafuckaz at the MCC Buildin'
If they ain't released in 24 hours, yo boy outta here!!
They don't give a fuck about me, you, or this Fed bitch
Fuck negotiatin' with them niggaz, I'm finna off this nigga
Remember dude in the trunk, he don't really mean nothin'
Look at the gas tank, Oh no lie, Bennie I'm runnin'
Man that's the whole damn state
Do you know how much time we facin'?
Basically look at the situation, man I ain't got nothin' to lose
It damn 2001, my shorty need more shoes
Now this'll cause us to probably to live a life on the run
We could probably get into the buildin' but I sho' ain't certain
We in to deep and ain't nothin' but action left - c'mon
Man shut the fuck up (Man please let me go man)
Man both of you muthafuckaz shut the fuck up
Now I'ma ? this muthafucka and you gon' escort him in the buildin'
And yo cover me man (I can't go in no buildin' man)
We gon' ?? nigga you gon' escort him in the buildin'
And stand-off till they give us what the fuck we want

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