Yo Twist!
Shit, niggaz out here been talkin real sideways man
Shit... it's time to show niggaz what's really hood
[Chorus: Twista]
Bussin never discussin
People are runnin niggaz is gunnin
Killers are runnin because it was stunnin
Hearin the ambulance when it be comin in
Roll in the Chevy Malibu I know they dig that
In the secret compartment is where I hid that
Try to avoid wherever I see the pigs at
Forty-fo' and black Calico when I push your shit back
When I'm out of town I go wherever the hood at
Because I know where I can get somethin that's good at
The dopefiends is gon' show me where the kush at
Ain't got no cigarette loaded where the backwood at
Come walkin up and get a pistol in your face hoe
If you want an autograph you better say so
Otherwise everybody gon' have to stay low
Cause I'm about to give this motherfucker a halo~!
Bodies droppin pistols poppin we bustin our tecs
People scatterin around like it was a bomb threat
Got plenty ammunition, show me where your ones at
So much terrorism they askin me where Saddam at
Like Bush I alarm 'em bomb 'em let fire open out
Go forth catch him open choke him and try to smoke him out
Shit is serious I'ma show you what this dough about
That's what you motherfuckers get for havin an open mouth
I'm killin new arrivals every time I shoot a rifle
Leave you suicidal cause everything I do is vital
Displayin mo' evil than the preacher that threw the bible
Win a Bentley don't think it's mine 'til I show you the title
In the car breakin up trees, call me a lumberjack
You say you a baller then nigga where the hundreds at?
Get me in the club, it won't be none of that
A 22 on my body like I'm a Dallas Cowboys running back
[Hook: Twista]
Catch one in yo' leg if you RUN UP
Catch one in yo' body if you RUN UP
Catch one in yo' head if you RUN UP
You can end up dead if you RUN UP
I'ma cop me a Benz when I COME UP
I'ma cop me a Beemer when I COME UP
I'ma shit on the phonies when I COME UP
I'ma hit all the homies when I..
I lay you niggaz out like tomorrow's outfit
You gettin me pissed, you niggaz ain't about shit
Before you get me started I suggest you bounce bitch
I got AR-15's to come up in yo' house with
To tell yo' woman she look good in them killer jeans
Think it's butter I wanna cut her like a guillotine
Need to get at her but right now it's still a dream
I'd like the thong, but right now for the microphone I'm still a fiend
I'm on the block servin up rock like Johnny Unitas
With killer niggaz we didn't really care if you like us
Vicious, so cold, that I be catchin laryngitis
Still shit that's hotter than any temperature on fahrenheit is
Gotta read celsius just to say you felt me bust
Better be yo' healthiest thinkin you can belt me up
All up in my face talkin 'bout you gon' tell me WHAT
I ain't gon' be the one needin my homies to help me up
Now come in with that let me take a lil' hit of the blig
This pussy nigga right here wanna get rid of my nigz
He don't want it cause we got the chrome thing-a-ma-jigs
And I make a nigga quit rappin and go get him a gig
I'm buck when I'm on a mission you better watch how I do
You got what I want so I'm creepin cause I got a rival
I'm thirsty as FUCK~! and money is the water bottle
Thinkin you hard to follow but I'm on you like Polamalu
With the shotty I'ma bring drama to you quarter leagues
Make that mighty dollar if I gotta transport a ki
Call me Ali Baba cause I'm runnin with 40 thieves
30-somethin and I be hotter than all the shorties be
32 shot automatic, yeah I call it magic
Two clips, 34 shots, pall bearers and a casket
A couple of glocks, to kill off any cause of static
Didn't have the calico but you broke cause you thought I had it

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