look around me u found me u musta been bad 2 tha bone get tha mask and tha chrome then chi gotta die from a balst to tha dome
nigga muthafuckin oijja board i recieve my blessing from jesus lord nine millies art of war nigga musta been found breathin bored
tellin me to look in your eyes n all i see is a bitch saw krayzie in new orleans talkin bout u was lovin my shit hit the bud and got sent
on the ship talkin oddysee mumblin r n b u can keep the apology u gotta see this side of me i gotta kill the hoes of the harmony and just
when u thought it was safe them bone niggas bout slaughtered n raped just more beef on the stage beef on the braids die on the first of the month cause
the words of the bluntu gonna see easy e soon feel the boom of the repercusion the reepa still rushin when i rach u start bustin im a bone crusha crook county or nuthin

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