Crowned with fire
dark embrace from the shady kingdom of desire
...Come to me... Queen of the Night
Silence breaks with screams of denial
...In endless faith I call you.. Arise!

Your moist warm breath upon my skin
Ignites a pulsing flame within
Eyes can`t sescribe the burn I feel
I cannot resist, thought the pain is so strong
It`s like... the ending notes of one last song

"Your world is false, but I am real
Light pours forth on the blinded eyes
You face the truth of your self-demise
Shadows slowly dim the light
Darkness intrudes in your silent world
You are the one who travels by night
More lonely you`ll be in the world you scorn
You are an angel disgraced... Queen of the Night"

Like the raven is black, black are the secrets in me
In flames I shall eternally burn, to purify my sinful heart
Darkness tightly holding me, the darkness is she...
Throned as the night`s queen

Release me from this pain (Queen of the Night)
In darkness bring thy light (Queen of the Night)

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