uh...nigga nigga uh.... nigga nigga
uh this what we do
we take penitentiary chances
we take penitentiary chances
we take penitentiary chances
every day all day on the block
[Verse 1]
I hit the set like is legal doing my thang
pushing weight up in them poeple cause I know they gon'swang
7 days of the week I be on the grind
stiking to the g-code gotta get it and shyne
motherfuck the jakes stank bitches gotta catch me
as for the snakes niggaz please don't test me
till the day they arrest me I'm huggin the block
every day all day cause is money to cop'
watch the cops sitting on 26's
nice paintjob fully equiped with the kit
nigga no such thang as a nine to five
never did never will live a nine to five
cause I got my boss, call my own shots
work my own hour while I was running my own shop
made my own law motherfuck the cops
they could suck a nigga dick till it cums and don't stop
[Verse 2]
all my life I been a hustler a go get I nigga
think big at all times all about them digits nigga
You ship it I'ma handle it get rid of it quick
selling them cheap prices ten for a brick
thats thirty six ounces you gonna get
nigga streight china white that's no bullshit
got mo' coke than cola I'm doing it jack
spend money with me you gonna make it back
ilace the set big cake with heavy weight
tryna get rich with mo' figgas than bill gates
call me a black atrepinor street pharmasis
got enough drugs to supply a whole army with
if I get caught I just gotta accept my lick
take it like a man and just accept my lick
can cry like a bitch cause I made that bed
and I gotta lay in it you heard what I said
[Verse 3]
stay on the look out for sargents boys and flaptops
moving bunkers of that born my nigga it won't stop
got the block on lock stiched up and sold
is an every day thang my nigga we never closed
and it never be a drought we keep it coming like sperm
[????] cought on fire nigga burning like a perm
hardhead would I ever learn hustle all I know
its in my blood nigga get it from my kenfo
cause I was thought to from the narcs when they come
brake yo gates get away when they come
taking chances is something that I gotta do
go to jail make bail back to doing what I do
till the day they lay me down I'ma hit the block
its slang clock run back n get paid keep doing my fucken thang
n you can take that back to the bank and cash it
I gotta admit nigga I'm taking chances

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