If I could recelect before my hood dayz

I would sit in bliss and reminis on the good dayz.

I stop and stare at the younger, my heart goes to'em

They stressed and goin under.

We never really went through that

Cause we was born ??

Today things change,its a shame

They blame it on the youth cause the truth look strange

For them its worse, we come from a world thats cursed

And it hurts.

Cause any day theyll push the button.

And yall condemned like malcom x and uncle bob

They died for nothin.

Make the people teary, the world looks dreary

But when you wipe your eyes you see it clearley.

Theres no need for you to fear me.

If you take the time to hear me, maybe you can learn to cheer me.

It aint about black or white, both doin

I hope you see the light before its ruiend

My ghetto gospel
[Chorus x3]
It ok, its ok, its ok

My ghetto gospel
Tell me do you see that old lady she aint sad

Living out a bag, in rags, loving the things she has

Over there see that lady, the cracks got her crazy.

And shes gonna give birth to a baby?

I shouldnt let it fade me. we out of the projects

Jumped into another form of slavery.

And even now i get discouraged.

I wonder if its tooken all back will i still keep the courage.

I refuse to be a role modle.

I keep control on the hoes and take out my old bottle.

I make mistakes, i learn from everyone.

And when its said and done, ill be called a better one.

If i strecth you dont stretch.

Never forget, god is gonna finish with me yet.

I feel his hands on my brain.

When i write ryhmes, i go blind, and let the lord do this thing.

But am i any less holy,

I choose to puff a blunt and drink a beer with my homies

And then world peace, we tried and failed

Now theres war in the streets

My ghetto gospel.
[Chorus x3]
I remember grandmas hands use to hold me

Mold me, i never forget the things she told me

Brothas a butt, and played the big shot

But you know grannys are the only other thing lil ghetto kids got.

Moms work, and pops burried.

Drop me off at grannys, left without a heart cause shes worried

And ghetto grannys are like books.

We got some many crooks, so many grannys gettin shook.

And gettin trapped in a nursing home.

Times is hard, and even worse alone

And how could you be so cold,

Youll get your turn, as soon as you turn old.

All they ask of every person,

Is for a brotha to figure whats on his mind when hes cursin.

9 out of 10 youll find them problems.

Time to take listen and see what you can do to solve them.

Cause every body needs a little help

On the way of relieng on ones self.

And think about it, why 2pac hit you with a little ghetto gospel

My ghetto gospel.
[Chorus x3]
I wake up stone cold gangsta main

See ya gave me ghetto gospel, i thank you main

Use to roll in the back and do drugs a lot.

Now im bangin the tracks, slangin ryhmes i got.

In this world of greed tryin to succeed on my beliefs.

Now i lay me down to sleep, lord can you hear me speak.

Can you forgive me for my sins

If i had it all to do again, id still play to win

I hope the lord can understand me.

A mans gotta do what he can for his family.

And pay the price of being hellbound.

But i ratha see hell later than see hell now.

And the devil aint got nothin on the president.

Cut back and keep us tsrapped in our residence.

And be like animals in cages.

We can rant and rave about slavery for ages.

Or we can stop makin awful

And hitem with a lil ghetto gospel

My ghetto gospel.
[Chorus x4]

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