It's a hard road
A hard road to follow
It's a hard road,
It's the highway to tomorrow

Hey you, man, what do you know?
It's not so easy on the lonely road
Hey man, where do I go?
Nothin' to win, and nothin' to show


Hey you, human sacrifice,
You paid the road, was it worth the price?
It takes, it takes, it doesn't ask twice
You could win the world,
You could lose your life


You waste each precious moment
Chasing rainbows in the sky
The road lies there before you
Are you afraid to try?

You're so clever,
You're so cool
But you're just another number
Just another fool
How you thirst for sweet revenge
But you're the loser in the end


And when it's said and done And the hard road claims you
Even though it won
No one really blames you
The truth gets lost
But the legend will grow
Yesterday's victim...tomorrow's hero

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