THE KISS by Tristan Prettyman
Well I can
See you on the horizon like a
Storm that's soon to be, and is it
So bad to be in love with a memory...of you
Smiling back at me?
And it was subtle but it was,
Yeah it was subtle but it was sexy.

An' I suppose I could tell you how I feel.
But even I don't know if it's really real.
An' baby, baby one day I will show you so you can see
Oh, well the secret behind the mystery.
Well, see baby, its like this???‚¬?¦

I think I kinda just a 'want your kiss
Just for the thrill an' just ah, maybe to miss
You will when you go, an' just so I know that it can
And it does get better than this,
'Cause you know love is just a hit an' miss
Well, you run, then you jump an' you sinkin' it up
And more than you would think???‚¬?¦

Now suppose I could tell you how I feel.
Well see, I'd rather play it cool than keep it real.
And baby, baby, one day I'll show you so you can see
Oh well, the secret behind the mysteryyyyyy.

And its, it's just a' one of those days
When you'd wish it'd ain't no really really rain no,
The sky's no ordinary shade of gray I'm sure like that.

Maybe you shouldn't know that I do have a crush on you
'Cause see your trap, you know, I fell right through
But with me it's always something new
Oh-o to see...

An' I suppose I could tell you how I feel
Well, the moment was magic, it was so surreal
Oh well, I swear one day I will let you know
that I do, oh I do, oh I love you so-o-o-o-o.

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