Daddy told me when I was young
He said it's a long road you've begun
Sometimes it's easy sometimes it's hard
But as you walk the road remember who you are

You've gotta roll with the punches
You've gotta aim to hit the mark
You've gotta follow your hunches
And try to finish what you start
And when you come to the crossroads
And you're deciding in the dark
You've gotta listen to the whisper of your heart

He said, make it a practice to be true
'Cause, when push comes down to shove, it's up to you
To keep believing in your dreams
And to sing a song if you've got a song to sing

(Repeat chorus)

The years have come, the years have gone
Yes, and I have learned some lessons on my own
The winds of fortune are sure to change
But the wisdom in these words will stay the same

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