Katie's sitting on the old front porch
Watching the chickens peck the ground
There ain't a whole lot going on tonight
In this one horse town.
Over yonder, coming up the road
In a beat-up Chevy truck
Her boyfriend Tommy, he's laying on the horn
Splashing through the mud and the muck

Her daddy says, "he ain't worth a lick
When it came to brains, he got the short end of the stick"
But Katie's young and man she just don't care
She'd follow Tommy anywhere

She's in love with the boy
She's in love with the boy
She's in love with the boy
And even if they have to run away
She's gonna marry that boy someday

Katie and Tommy at the drive-in movie
Parked in the very last row
They're too busy holding on to one another
To even care about the show
But later on outside the Tastee Freeze,
Tommy slips something on her hand
He says, "my high school ring will have to do
Till I can buy a wedding band"

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