Once I heard the whistle
Of a mournful midnight train
Sing a little duet
With a siren in the rain
They sang about true love
Between the damned and the devout
And right then for a moment
The fire in me blew out

And for a moment I felt my shackled heart unchained

It was right then...instant liberation
It was not long...but I was set free
It was release...for a moment love let go of me

Once, I saw the moon rise
As the sun climbed into bed
They both shone on each other
'Til the sun blushed ruby red
And, then, a pair of swallows
Silhoutted 'cross its face
And my heart piroutted
Through the twilight with their grace

And, for a moment, I was not a prisoner of love

It was right then...a little liberation
It was so quick...but I was set free
It was release...for a moment, love let go of me

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