Saturday slept through the morning
Just let the phone ring; now isn't that strange
I watched TV; poor ol' coyote
Someone had a worse day than me for a change
And it made me happy it made me smile
For a while

You always said my friends were all crazy
Baby here lately it seems I fit in
We go out just like the old days
Try to find new ways to go there again
And it makes me happy it makes me smile
For a while

Everything's just fine
A little ray of sunshine
I didn't feel the fault line running straight through my heart
I didn't think about you
I didn't come unglued
It's a temporary undo, but it's a start
It's a start

Late at night, I write my own movie
And I am the star when I close my eyes
Except I look like Julia Roberts
And you're just the poor jerk that I walk on by
And it makes me happy, it makes me smile
For a while

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