When you know you're down
When you're looking in
And you know your heart has your only friend
Don't you know that life, it can take some time to get it real
Too far gone for people to ever change your mind,
You better get a bit closer to the one that makes you bright
It's all you've got and you know where to go
It's like the magic that you need
You know the one
Stuck on top is mighty low,
Twice as far as the blanket that won`t let you go
It's all you can do that makes you whole,
Twice as far as the lights that went off in time
It's all in your head if you think you're a
Lie, you're twice as good as Mars and Mars is outta sight
It's all that you do that lets you know
Stuck on top makes me down inside
See it in your eyes
Now I know why you are so vacant
I want what's missing there
A place you hide
Now I notice why I'm high
I almost shake it
I mean it's everywhere
All the days I waited
If I could reach you, you know I'd wanna see you there

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