I'm not the one you saw around the tree early that day
I'm not the ghost that crossed your path and made you think that way
It seems to be too much for me
Slow me down and take me through the groove I made for you
Take me where Chido found the drum that made him groove
You got the blue train now
You don't let your life go down
In the end you'll find it was you all along
By my hand, by my liver, my God is this all real
I feel too good, I'm fighting a sweat
I can't believe its real
Watch me as I float above the ground
I kick my head back and feel the round
It seems to be too much for me
Am I alive or am I dead
You told me is this the game you play
Is this all shuffled now I did
When I was blinding out the rain
I'm feeling good, I'm ??? glide
I'm taking it now to only stay alive
Sunny day, big splash of wonderful all over me
It seems to be my wakeup call
I can see the green, green grass
It feels so good
I was alive and it was all me

"Well here we are, home again
You know, the trip might be over
But we can go on it again any time you want
Hey, I'd really like that
Because then we can have even more fun
And draw even more pictures
We'll see you soon
So long for now"

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