[tricky (sampled over and over:
"Let's just record...")

Aarrgh! Throw yr hands in the Air!
Tonite is a Special Nite!(x3 and throughout wit variations)
Throw yr hands up High in the Air!
Tonite is a special Nite!

there are reasons and fouls to fax and those who get caught in the act
get the Axe! yet, my style is known to catapult like a jet, like a F-15!

Yo! my gleem! is bright and Hard when it strikes
Niggaz get caught int eh dead of the night..Mare! Ah! youre scard, duck
dont get too close or you might just get roast, Roast! a-ha!
I come wit the pharaoh, the sparrow, the crow
just like an arrow to the bone
i piss through yr toe, yr knee and yr cap
WU! decapitate and scatter it, Wu! Batter it theives and villians, those
who arent
killin, thats, theres the willing
lord, thats the way they choose when you are bound to LOSE!

(RZA: throw yr hands in the air.
tonite is a special nite.)

well its the grimreaper, yes i heap fools ,
i keep a low&meager profile and show my style
(RZA:) loose and smile broke up is wild
slow escapade: they wanna get paid after the show
so: Away we go to the MO-tel
the part is so swell, up and speedin'!
and the girls that a been scheming: gonna get the cream and
When i say i am coming in the house: I am cumming in the House!
im out..

this is a recording
is it is it real? i dont know how i feel...
Do you know How you feel? are you Yrself?
or are you someone else? cause: i am ME, a-haha
_could that be you yeah_
I dont have to pretend: i dont need no friends
i dont need _Backers!_
its a rack-up! its its do you believe,
or do you decieve?
this is a recording
this is a recording
is it the real one? the funky real one?
is it the real one? the funky real one?
is it the funky real one?

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