(T=Tricky, M=Martine)

T: in hell i'll be lost in the layers of weakness
All around the surface brainwashed with the cheapest
Brainwashed with the
Hallucinagenics in my system
Like, I'm trippin'
Many switch in
Switch on, switch off
M: Here I'm lost
T: i'm lost
M: in the name of weakness
T: brainwashed
M: all around the surface brainwashed with the cheapest
Exhausted by the mundane
Simplicity no longer plain
T: strugglin...strugglin
M: strugglin...strugglin with the insane
T: i'm strugglin
Strugglin with the insane
Feels like I'm trippin', skippin'
Hallucinagenics in my system
Like I'm trippin', skippin'
They say i'm insane
I'm strugglin...strugglin
M: darkness and warmth
Obvious and mysterious
Magical colors
T: mystical shadows
M: mystical shadows
Thought with no meaning
T: they say i'm insane
M: label me insane
T: but i'm more normal than most
M: but i'm more normal than most
Strugglin so hard
T: i just need to remain
Cos i'm strugglin
M: to remain
T: i know i'm the truth
M: cos we are the truth
See what we want to see
T: please, please tell me what i want to hear
M: hear what we want to hear
Strugglin so hard
T: i'm strugglin
M: i took a ride, yeah
T: roll with the bullets to survive...to survive...to survive
Self preservation
M: roll with the bullets
Just to survive
T: self preservation
M: self preservation
T: keeps the crowd alive
M: keeps the crowd alive
T: strugglin...strugglin
They...they say i'm insane
I'm strugglin...strugglin
They say i'm insane
M: strugglin
T: i'm more normal than most
M: strugglin
T: i'm just strugglin
M: strugglin
T: mystical shadows
M: strugglin
T: mysterious...the obvious
M: strugglin
T: they say im insane...i'm strugglin
M: strugglin
T: switch in, switch on, switch off
I'm lost in contradiction
Feed me my visuals
A flashback...a flashback from way back
I'm strugglin...strugglin
Do you know what its like to struggle?
Do you...do you...have you...have you ever had to struggle?
Roll with the bullets to survive
Strugglin...strugglin...strugglin to remain
They label me insane
But i'm...i'm...i think i'm more normal than most

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