here we go again so tricky goin' flow again
those (chicken cluckers is fakin pop in others?)
mothers breed to sons & (deform carnage[college]?)
D all the time you know we be bionic
skeezers make me paranoid smokin' hydroponic
shutting down one half of my brain,paralyzes one half of my body
now in need of a walk-in chain...of McDonald's
for those (chicken cluckers whose fakin' pop in others?)

here we go again you know we know the flow again(-x3)

roberto malary jr.:
it's the 1-2-3 on you're mark get set go i'm gonna show ypu how to flow, so
take notes from a pro original is what best describes me-i'm rough like
football or hockey,so don't try to stop me 'cause when i'm on the roll i'm
rollin' up with a crew,rollin' up philly blunts & gettin'drunk off the
brews showin mad skills like the SHAOLIN temple, not kung-fu but
kickin'styles from my mental my brain is overflowin' with words & phrases-
&titles &concepts on how to catch wreck (HA!) i take my rhymes & my
beats,make sure they fit perfect,like a glove so it can sound lovely but ah
yeah i gotcha open, i know i gotcha open like the weed that your smokin'
once you start chokin'-you're provokin',me to blow your rhymes out the
frame so when a sucka's walkin' funny(HA!), you know that i'm to blame
because a slap is whatcha get,i suppose more than a broken nose you catch
about five toes.

(repeat 1st verse to "for those (chicken cluckerswhose fakin'pop in
others?) you know we be bionic (-x2)
here we go again you know we know the flow again(-x2)

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