Well look who isn't here, didn't say good-bye
All that leaves is us without so much as a good reason why
And guess who isn't here, can you believe that guy?
A promise to him is like a million other lies

How long have we waited here, and who has the time
We can't sit and wait, we will feel like we were left behind
Was he so great a man, didn't say good-bye
Good riddance to him like this Armageddon

I'm tied to him Tell me where's the sea go
Like sea to sky In a blue sky
And I'm torn Tell me where does he go
In a blue sky

What's that you're saying there, do you think I'm blind?
I know what you think, you think I fell for him like quite a find
Well that's not it at all, no I'm just fine
It's you I'm sorry for, with your scheming little minds

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