One word from you and there was sunshine
One word from you made darkness bright
Just one word and all was beautiful
Forever shining in your light
When you first spoke to me, I did not hear
All I knew was the sound of my own voice
But in the wilderness a voice was shouting
Make way, give it up, surrender
Make way, give it up, surrender
It’s time for the night to end right here
Here comes the day, make way, surrender
The rivers run because you tell them to
The wind and rain obey your voice
So who am I to hear you whispering
And think I really have a choice
Lord, I need you to tell me where to go
But your word is never a spotlight
It’s a star in the wilderness, whispering
It’s time to be what you want me to be
It’s time to see what you want me to see
Start shouting – please please
Start shouting…

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