How strong must I be, Lord?
How much more of this can I take?
I thought this was over
There must be some kind of mistake
I found a solution to stop myself from losing
All the little tricks I learned to stop myself from burning
I thought it was cool – had my own golden rule
But now it’s all in pieces – Lord won’t You release me
Let me swim in Your ocean, let me swim in mercy
How long will it be, Lord?
I don’t really dig this stuff
It’s time for me to move now
Don’t You think I’ve had enough?
I got a little crazy – everything was hazy
Thought that I would lose my mind, but the light was blinding
If I have to change, does it have to be so strange?
Shadows in the back room – voices in the black gloom
Let me run out in the silence, let me run in silence
How wrong have I been, Lord?
Will it always be this rough?
It’s time for this to end now
Don’t You think I’ve had enough?

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