[Verse 1: Jayel Imperial]
The summertime come, make me wanna reminisce
Back to the days growin’ up as a little kid
And even though I didn’t have it all it didn’t matter
I was still at the park playin’ basketball
Me and my homies would kick it, ridin’ bikes in the street
Gettin’ dark just absorbin’ all the summertime heat
Now that I’m all grown I chill and write songs
And roll through the streets of the city I was born
We slappin’ them bones, playin’ cards, and shootin’ dice
Drinkin’ Tecate and Kool-aid with some ice
There’s no other place on this earth I’d rather be
Sittin’ back with my family enjoyin’ the summer breeze

In the summertime… (x4)

[Verse 2: Alires]
I’ma drift and feel smooth, drinkin’ me a draft while I’m schemin’
Top down, summertime how convenient
We get together whether or not the weather is nice, or what not
So bring out your shades ‘cause it’s hot and sunny
Sex, murder and money
It’s just the city life, some good, some scummy
My homey called me up talkin’ ‘bout a barbecue
My baby’s mama rang but, hell, she wanna argue
I’m posted outside catchin’ sunrays
And there ain’t no better time than the afternoon Sunday
A good day, no reason to be mad
I blaze a J with my bro and drink a brew with my dad, yeah


[Verse 3: Trece]
Candy blue six nine, four thug-types
Hundred-spoke chromies and freshly did pinstripes
Sudsy crooked I, a stinkin’ dub sack
Warm breeze to my mug, we creepin’ slow, Jack
Spinnin’ off the cap sippin’ straight to my dome
Hand out the window flossin’ my gold
Celly-Cel in the trunk, fine ho’s to the right
Tens bumpin’ the funk, tryin’ to pull, but I’m high
Despite my high spittin’ the dope spit
Fishies follow follow us now, roll with us to the pit stop
“hey, what’s that sound”
It’s the sounds of the summer, it’s time to get down


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