What's the problem with the human race
With someone like you
No matter where i turn
I can't escape your double face
Dont wanna listen to the radio
Cause they dont know
Or stick around just to say i told you so

How could we make it without you
I should have known better to doubt you
I thought i'd heard the end of it...

And now i know how far you'd go
To be the next freak show
American Psycho
Cover of the magazines
Patron saint to troubled teens
Wish i'd never heard your name

Tomorrow could be just another day
Means nothing to you
A misdemeanor or a felony, thats okay
Dont want to wait for a second change
So take a stance
It's your turn for the spotlight, the big dance

What am i supposed to do
When you know that it's all true
That you stole, that you lied
That you knew
Pri-madonna self absorbed
Wide awake and never bored
Party binge and purge
And see results of plastic surgery
Spotted at the hottest shows
Interview on Charlie Rose
They all wanna piece of you

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