С аккордами

American Guns
Apocalypse Now
California Babylon
California Babylon (с аккордами)
Crash And Burn (Feat. Rakaa)
Diamonds And Guns (с аккордами)
Diamonds And Guns
Dj Dj
Dj Dj (с аккордами)
Down In Oakland (с аккордами)
Down In Oakland
Gangsters And Thugs
Hit The Fence
I Want It All
Killafornia (Feat. B-Real)
Not Today (Feat. Sen Dog)
One Seventeen
Pay Any Price
Quick Death (с аккордами)
Quick Death
Romper Stomper (с аккордами)
Romper Stomper
Tall Cans In The Air
We Trusted You
Weigh On My Mind
Weigh On My Mind (с аккордами)
What I Can't Describe (Feat. Boo-Yaa Tribe)