[VERSE 1: Tragedy Khadafi]
When I die, lay me in the earth with Armani linen
And send apologies out to all the women
That I ran through, thought I was the man cause I fucked em
But was less of a man cause I didn't instruct em
Could it be the lack of love that I had for self?
Too preoccupied with material wealth
Maybe I was just as weak as them lookin for help
What goes around comes around, only time'll tell
My hood is paradise but the D's is hell
Just waitin to burn a nigga if my shit don't sell
Some say that I'm weak, some label me a genius
My mind's deep, get up in you like a intravenous
Diseases, too many of us thinkin with our penis
Killin the bloodline, the seeds is anemic
Abortions, coulda killed off the next leader
Aura check, step your game up, nigga, the seeds need us
Now every ounce of blood in me gon' live for struggle
Platinum on the street, nigga, triple and double
What a thug do? I don't know, time'll tell
These cowards hug the sky, some die in a cell
We came up off the streets but some of us fell
In the struggle now, goin out, gunnin in hell
What you live for? Money and power, we all ride, nigga
Till they lay me down in the earth, we gon' rise, nigga
[VERSE 2: Tragedy Khadafi]
I'm still holdin my head, still reportin
One foot is in the hood, the other's up in a coffin
The devil want my soul so bad, he make me nauseous
But I'm usin my head, proceed to movin with caution
Can't get caught up in what these niggaz is lost in
The best kept secret is best kept sacred
The hatred, whole rap industry is Matrix
Raped what we created, leave us starvin and naked
We need more strong independents and less majors
Hit us with weak advances, try to enslave us
Then charge a small interest on the money they gave us
Take the same mentality I had on the street
But more advanced like CD, enhaced, I'm deep
Born alone, never die alone, nigga, never sleep
Born alone, never die alone, nigga, never sleep
[VERSE 3: Tragedy Khadafi]
Better run, muthafucka, like the D's is comin
Better write the illest rhymes like life depends on it
What you gon' do when they change the currency of money?
It's one world, one government and one country
We plagued with media propaganda, they plannin
To take away your right wisdom and overstandin
Right action, comrade, blowin my canon
Movement through this music, we bear the struggle
On the grind with these rhymes, CDs I hustle
Moms taught me how to be a warrior, in fact
If you don't stand for somethin then you die on your back
But fuck that, all my livewires overreact
It works like it's the first and we movin them packs
This story'll be repeated if we fall off track
Fast forward to the future, niggaz can't look back

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