(feat. Rashida)
Is there nothing in this world, that you love enough?
that you would kill for?
[Verse 1]
My low gold on your chest
Right about your breast
Aint nothing realer in this world then a thugs currest
May god bless every thing your hands can touch
I feel you, like the haze rolled up in the dutch
Cuz you straight like henny in a plast cup
And you will clap a fed if they tried to bag me up
Even war with the D's if they snatch me up
You so tight, plus u keep it real as fuck
You my soul mate, never worry bout other men
My heart was numb, taught a thug how to love again
Your my homie level friend in this love affair never end
Mommy I never break and baby I never end
I give my life and my soul to breathe
You would rather see me live and we raise these seeds
I was lost till you came in my time of need
As we struggle in this world full of lust and greed
[Verse 2: Rashida]
Your the love of my life
No matter what we go through this time
Imma' stand by you so strong
I'm not going no where, imma hold on
[Verse 3: Tragedy]
I love you like a CR date when Niggaz max out
That's why I stay on my grind, never assed out
You realer then these fake thugs when you mash out
The stash house making love till we pass out
[?] girl and i feel you like every borough
I know it's real cuz your movement is so through
You so gully, you funky like blood money
Baby nines' in your coach bag, red buggy
You style out when gizzard heads in my face
Gangsta, you a lady cuz you stay in your place
I respect that, ups and downs we had our set backs
My baby's moms wilin out I had to dead that
Remember times I was flat broke no joke
Young when we met, both our mothers shot dope
The hoods in us, through it all gods with us
you a female version of me thats why its good with us
[Chorus: till fade]

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