'J' For Jules
(Believed You Were) Lucky
Angels Never Call
Are You Serious?
Are You Serious_
Can i Still Confess?
Coming up Close (с табами)
Coming Up Close
Crash And Burn
David Denies
Do It Again
Don't Watch Me Bleed
Everything's Different Now
Have Mercy
How Can You Give Up?
I Could Get Used To This (с переводом)
Just Like Me.
Limits To Love
Long Gone(Buddy)
Looking Over My Shoulder
Love In A Vacuum
Lover's Day
Maybe Monday
No More Crying
No One Is Watching You Now
On Sunday
Other End of The Telescope (с табами)
Rip In Heaven
Sleeping And Waking
The Other End of The Telescope (с табами)
The Other End(Of The Telescope)
Voices Carry
Voices Carry (с табами)
What About Love
Why Must I
Will She Just Fall Down
Winning The War
You Know The Rest