A Call To Chaos (Kaos-Keraunos-Kybernetos)
A Chaldean Hex
An Appartion Of Vengeance
Bathomet's Meteor
Behind The Druid Walls
Crowning The Winged Skull (Enthroning The Dragon)
Desire, Lust And Incubus
Disciples Of Black Sorcery
Eosforos Rex Infernus
Experimental magic
Eyes Wide Shut And Lips Wide Open (The Dionysian C
For The Lust Of Lilith
He, The Great Worm
Hecate Unveiled
In blood we trust
Orgia Daemonicum
Prelude to apocalypse
Satanic Aphorisms
Societas satanas
Society Of The Dilettanti
The Era Of Satan Rising
The Gnostic Code
The Royal Invocation Of Apophis
The Shadow Doctrine
Those We Guide
Through The Eye Of The Hierophant
Towers Of Autumn Moon
Wardance of the empress