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Damn it Janet
Don't Dream It, Be It
Dont Dream it
Dont Dream it (с табами)
Eddie's Teddy
Eddies Teddy (с табами)
Hot Patootie
I Can Make You A Man
I Can Make You a Man (part 1)
I Can Make You a Man (part 2)
I Can Make You A Man (Reprise)
Iґm going home
Once In A While
Over at The Frankenstein Place
Over At The Frankenstein Place
Over at the Frankenstein Place
Rose Tint my World (с табами)
Rose Tint My World
Science Fiction Double Feature (с табами)
Science fiction/Double feature
Super Heroes
Sweet Transvestite (с табами)
Sweet Transvestite
The sword of Damocles
The time warp
Time Warp (с табами)
Tint my World
Touch me (с табами)
Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me
Whatever Happened to Saturday Night (с табами)
Whatever Happened To Saturday Night_
Wild And Untamed Thing (с табами)
Wild And Untamed Thing
Wild And Untamed Thing