I was orderin´ Wild Turkey she was drinkin´ Blue Moon
At a Lonely hearts club one night in late June
While the sun did slowly set
On me and that brunette
She was lookin´ like Sheryllin Fenn in Twin peaks
And the gloominess I´d been fightin´ for weeks
All of a sudden flew
And the sun broke through
She turned my world upside down
Changed it all around
Against all odds this old heart began to pound
Just when I was through with love
Came an angel from above
Oh I know heaven must have made her
She´s a love generator
Yeah I know heaven must have made her
She´s a love generator
I had lost all faith in love, you see
And finally decided it was not for me
There was no way in the world
No matter what girl
I had made my plan for once and for all
To keep away and never get involved
When Cupid aimed the gun
´n´ I was back at square one
She was wakin´ up feelings that I thought was dead
And the wildest thoughts started runnin´ in my head
I could hear a choir sing
And weddingbells ring
She was sawin´ the seeds of love in me
And they were growin´ big like Redwood trees
She could make flowers grow
In ten feet snow

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