Couldn't belive your eyes
When you see what the fuck is comin'
Psyclones all you sorry mothafuckas runnin'
The city has turned to renegades
With guns and blades
And criminals seeking to get paid
I maintain, keep cool-ahead
In the face of destruction whether i live or die
Unpredictable, invincible, untameable, individual
Uncontrollable like a psycho deadly
So let us begin to take your min'
To another plane 'cause i know you ain't ready
The course of the psyclone is steady
So who in their right mind
Would get in the way of the machete?
The serpent fuckin' with me
In the turbulent times of war on the street
Gran your fuckin' heat
Come with me inside the whirl wind
Everybody's welcome into the psycho's den

Even though we don't know the attack's exact origin
Man-made diseases show traces of an assassain
The goverment went deranged and came blastin'
Tryin' to finish us off with poisoned rations

As you sleep
Nightmares and dreamscapes awake
Now it's time to renovate
Use thoughts and plots to elevate
Violence is like cellophane storing all you renegades
The only thing is you're already spoiled
So now you play the game
Teams are spread out all over your city
Mobile with your lo lo
On 520's and 560's
Guns and drugs are spread into your town
You must realize open your eyes wide
The drama will be televised
Revolution waitin' for your input like dail tones
Strap on the psyclone's takin' your zone
Grab your weapon keep streppin'
If you don't defend
Don't mention it to anybody who questions
Step into the eye and die you've been shook and took
By madman, psycho slash crook

The cities' survival depends on defense methods
We bring L.A. to the stage live coverage
Methods are jagged like pieces of broken records
Are now shanks we abuse in the holding tanks

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