(feat. Blade)
The Herbaliser attack this
And entered into a pact with Blade and his lyrical madness
Nobody knows what's next better than sex
The text connects leaving all competitors vexed
And when you least expect it we wrecked it
Target inside the aim is directed
Eclectic took years to perfect it
Relax yourself, a mirror image reflected
I ain't Dracula but spectacular
When the missions complete we're back to the basics
It's better that you face it
The ship sank they raised it and the praised it
Whoever you are whatever pile your on
Hold your head strong it won't be long
Before your recognition is delivered to your doorstep
A late birth and delivered with forceps
Forced but better late than never
So now it's time to sever the ignorant from the clever
The journey is a hazardous one but we can hack it
Life is a test in itself but we'll smack it
No holds barred the times were hard
But the rhymes were harder than the times and left you scarred
Can you feel it, it's like groundhog day
Where everything's the same it's all repeated
You can have it, if you want
If you want it bad enough then you can get it
Don't sweat it, just let it
Take control of your soul and let it roll
As the story unfolds, the prophecy is told
We go for gold travel on cruise control
Oh what a feeling in a world as cold
And you can act the act but if you lack the knack
Then you won't be back again and that's a fact
And yes we react with the style in tact
And after that there's nothing but the aftermath
You can think whatever you wanna think et cetera
It's nothing words from a no good competitor
How can you compare a champ to a contender
How can you put up the hunted against the predator
Time to move on build the skills
Time to elevate and never stand still
Time to excel with no time to kill
Time for progress it's time to build
What we're doing is brewing a storm and you can tell
The world stood still on the day rap was born
A million and twenty thousand emcees emerged from the pit
From the depth of the earth with no form
Everybody's a rapper every rappers an actor
Every actors a rapper with no heart and a chapter
When it began it was like mud in the hand
Some tried to mould and others couldn't give a damn
But now it's all changed and everybody's a fam
Even the head of Sony now has got plans for bat man
Change his mane to rap man
Put him in a mask and try to pull it off like he's been a rap man
For twenty years since the days of Melle Mel
With a minute to gel, make it easy to sell
And we can run in the past or we can move forward
We're here to sell records I don't care if you know it
Blatant I like it like that tell your mom
Blade dropped another lyrical bomb, he's on with Herbaliser
A unit and a half of production team
A band with Will as the adviser
Energise like tizer, beat baptiser
And I'm wiser than I used to be

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