[Intro: Lil Dap]
Know what I'm sayin
Brooklyn niggas
Smokin the ganja self
What you know about that
Just chillin, this is real
Brooklyn niggas, the 5 borough niggas
Stupid ass cats in the game
Brooklyn niggas, Brooklyn niggas
BK what?
[Chorus x2: All]
Yo nigga would you roll wit me
My GHG niggas gettin B.I.G.
Represent these Brooklyn streets, we rep it verbally
Representin for the family, the family, the family
GHG Family, stronger than the root of any tree, fuck who you be
We master ceremonies, K Black A to the fuckin D
This cat stay barkin, and a slice you up que
The O.N. at the end, mean it's on
So fuck with Blackadon, if you step a tall light, Farrakhan
Yo who drop the bomb, I take the credit
You got beef with GHG, well nigga said it
I flex kid, wet shit, dead shit
I'm on some flex shit, you think I'm hextic
But I'm on some X shit, flip like suplexes
Get these checkses and bounce to Texas
In my Lexus, GHG respect this
Or deal with me, undisputed and self heavenly
I rep for the family, you know it's GHG
Brooklyn roll wit me, fruit is in the streets
[Chorus x2]
[Lil Dap]
Aiyo sittin in the room smokin weed like a rasta
Thinkin like a mobsta, eatin mad pasta
Rhymes keep on flowin but niggas don't be knowin
Me and my brothers ont he streets hustlin
My partners 7:30, the industry is dirty
Fake niggas earth man, that's why they get played G
Livin off our peers and ideas to get paid
Don't be amazed, time to play the fuckin game
Can't deal with other crews, because they talk too much
Rather chill with my crew and parlay and mack a mil
Opposite deal, go accross seas and bill
Shit is for real, livin out on hittin the field
Straight like that, we burn ghettos of the map
You heard about these cats GHG we comin back
And Dap never lack with a mic or a mack
Here's the true facts, I hate to set it on you black
[Chorus x2]
Yo, first of all, it be alot of fake niggas that rap
Actin like they wanna roll, but scared to hold a gat
Straight like that, I dedicate my life to rap
So picture me as the next one reppin GHG
Bombin it in the street with jew-els percised it
So don't get mad at me, breakin up my CD
Barkin on ya wifey, mad at the world
It's Kai-Bee yo, I just might cop a grammy
[Black E-Starr]
Yeah, you need to roll wit a nigga like me
Pimpin myself faster than a bitch thru the industry
Dedicated ghetto ass nigga reppin GHG
Chicks knee, cash money, straight bumpin with niggas these
I leave ya dizzy when you try to find my nigga ass out
Come see me in the hood you wanna know what I'm about
You gets pop when ya steppin like shou, nigga be dippin
We gets B.I.G., all the hoes be set trippin
[Chorus x2]
[Outro: Lil Dap]
Straight like that
Real like that
Group Home Gangstas
My man Domingo, my man fort me bitch
Some of you ain't me, 2g

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