Your broken heart is fading fast
You found a love you think might last and last
The sweetest thing you've ever seen
The kind thats always in your dreams, in your dreams.
She don't know that she's perfect
She does not have a clue, what she's done to you
She don't know that she's perfect
Better find the words to say, don't let her walk away.
Don't get me wrong
Don't think me strange
There's nothing about you girl
I wanna change
I'd never change you.
But the day has come
And now's the time
I'll find a way to make you say
You're mine, mine, all mine.
She don't know that she's perfect
You'd better let her know
Before she turns to go.
I hope and pray she'll understand
That one fine day
I might be her man
Be her man
We'll find a place down in the sun
Where she and I can live as one
By faith till the end...

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