Often a playa think on how the game use to be
Continue this cash flow
With bustas runnin' wit me
We were sucka free
Releasin' heat for the city no pity
For motherfuckas gettin' rolled like phillies
It's all aboard a life
Now I'm addicted to the game
Bring pain
When ever necessary
Niggas know the name
Bitches bumpin' their gums
So put the DA in motion
They thinkin' ya shit is legit
I be slangin' dope for the locos
So think again
You plottin' on my dividends
Listen to your bitch ass friends
Tellin' you buck it was a biz
So intense of your reaction
The satisfaction
With no compassion
Have a nigga broke is in your fashion
Fuckin' you
All day, every day
Never havin' no money
But sex, nade and GA
It was a lost cause
It can never be the way it was
So stop hatin'
Bitch quit bumpin' your gums

Fuckin' wit a nigga like me
You end up in a cemetery
Speakin' on thangs
Tell me what part of the game
Will make you want to talk up on a nigga mang
Fuckin' with a nigga like me
You end up in a cemetery
Speakin' on thangs
Tell me what part of the game
Will make you want to talk up on a nigga mang

All up on my josses
Tryin' to play the role
With no self control
Tryin' to tell me how the game goes
Led me down the wrong path
Thinkin' we were friends
We established the flow
And you were all about the ends
Nigga don't take it wrong
I know a man got to do what he gotta
But you were milkin' motherfuckas just for pennies and dollas
You made a wrong move
Swished up and lost your cut
Fuckin' wit them other niggas
Now you can't come up
And it's a damn shame
You let them knock you out the frame
It's funny what niggas do when they affected by the nade
You played yourself
Chalk it as a lost
But what would you expect
Runnin' your mouth like toss
It cost
And what a price to pay
I know you niggas is hurtin'
For certain
The show is over
Time to close the motherfuckin' curtain
So what I'm sayin'
My shit is way vicious
That shit you poppin' niggas isn't
Stop bumpin' your gums


Let me tell you about this fool I knew
We use to run
Together on the hustle
Killin' bitches for fun
Light skin, long hair, thick bodies
Choppin' up the hoes like we both knew karate
It was known fact
Those freaks could hit the track
But my homie really didn't want to see it like that
He started sidebustin'
Lyin' to me
Tellin' him the truth
Off the hook
Now he's pushin' off the roof
But in my direction
Cause both hoes I was sexin'
They had allegations
But never no confessions
Just fuck sessions
Off of hennessy and lemon sqeeze
Tell my boy everything
Let the hoes know the scheme
Kick him off the team
That's what I had to do
He was hatin' on the nigga
Cause he was fuckin' 2 cock
Block it nigga
He wanted all to himself
Get your motherfuckin' cape
Off the shelf
And stop bumpin' your gums

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