When the work is done and livings easy
I reside to my life so breezy
Think of all the troubles overcome
But I don't suppose that you'll ever see me
Angered by you love, so squeeze me
I propose to fight for what is mine
'Cause I'll take you back again
He's a miner's son he stole my true love
Tempted her with freckled fortunes
Now I have to show her what is more
With a ring in hand and a book of verses
I climbed through her crooked bedroom
Greeted by a miner's crooked leg
'Cause I'll take her back again
Yes I need her once again
Dustin' off my old blue coat
I wonder in a midnight dream
And I guess there's no telling me
That I won't ever have her back again
No I won't have her back again

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