It's straight pimp ha, straight pimp ha
WOOO! Look at them bitches right there nigga
(Where?) There homeboy (Oh shit, let me get my bag out)
How you doin bitch?
Uh, I got fly hoes lined up like they gettin free weed
Who's next to test my sex expertise (uh-huh)
Mister All-Nigther, excite ya when he bites ya
Tash be havin bitches crawlin walls like a spider
Cuz you heard me on the radio, you seen me on the TV
If you get me drunk enough I'll eat that pussy like a kiwi (ehhhh)
My dick be comin at ya like 3-D glasses
I always get it poppin wit my backstage passes
Tash is, mackalicious, rap style vicious (uh-huh)
Can't help you wit your rent but you can help me wit these dishes
My little mistress said
"Tash, you look suspicious, what the fuck you thinkin bout?"
You know, my other bitches
I got it, goin on wit the flowin
I'm the flyest rapper out and ladies wouldn't even know it (say what?)
This how it goin, Likwit flowin like fluid
Pimpin ain't easy but somebody gotta do it
Steppin in this mothafucker wit mo' bitches than light switches
Mo' hoes than telephone poles, what you got?

That nigga "Rico" got "HOOOO!"
That nigga "Rico" got "HOOOO!"
That nigga "Rico" got "HOOOO!"
"Rico" "HOOOO!"

So fuck wastin half the night tryin to find Miss Right
Me and my niggas start to hollar first bitch that's tight (hey!)
My Likwit niggas do it right until the broad daylight
The best head I ever got was on a airplane flight
Type to deaf single minglin that lays the pipe well
It's on from the second I smell that Chanelle
Wit steel-belted condoms wit the bullet-proof shield
If you ain't got some weed, once I fuck, happy trails (see ya!)
Tash tips the scales at one-seventy-nine
I'm designed to push these lyrics down assembly lines
So my style is blue-collar but the ladies still hollar
If you sayin I'm a dog that means you fucked a rottweiler
Top dollar rhymer inker, that's half my appeal
No scars on my grill, nah bitch I'm not Seal
I'm just a fly nigga that likes to keep it real
If you don't feel me yet, keep listenin and you will!


So last of all I'd like to say, before I get on my way
Leave your dike-friend wit Tash, the next day she won't be gay
Matter of fact, she'll probably say "Last night it changed my life"
Cuz I beat it up so good she took me home to meet her wife
Cuz Tash lay the wood so good I leave em screamin (uh-huh)
I hurt it by myself so no need to double-team em
I stick em wit the pole until they lose control
But I'm not here to save ya, nah girl that's not my goal
I'm comin outta Cali so you know we don't love ya
Even if you was my girl I would still wear a rubber
Cuz this is how it's goin, Likwit flowin like fluid
Pimpin ain't easy but somebody gotta do it

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