story goes
girl 1 was my highschool sweetheart met her at the park
had the lexis v she was gucci out from head 2 feet
chanel frame with a ass petite 36 full d got a c from
pslam 3 say prosay in a private suite then she clowned on me and i s
hey baby how you doing im cool hows my lil girl
she looking just like you I am goin 2 see you this weekend'
i think so let make sure nothings on the schedule

wat should i do cause i want all three at first it was cool but now there all catching
feelings one has my seed one live with me
one keeps on calling from trips overseas cake and ice cream
girl 2 was a live- chick paid bills when the shit got thick
2 jobs wanna be that chick i was cheating and i made her sick
lame excuse i could raise the kids
man wat should i do the game go me so confused
hey babe how was work same ol same ol boss gettin on my nerves
and damn my feet hurt seat down and relax but im hungry baby ill get that
how long are you home gotta leave this weekend outta town 4 business meeting

repeat chorus

Got tired tryna figure out the lyrics I know they aint perfect but it's something
if you know the lyrics please help out, would greatly appericate it!

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